Walking into spring like...

Updated: May 8, 2019

The hibernation is over! So many things are growing, most notably our babies! Sigh, teenagers, but at least they're still mama's boys. Below, Pixie and Clooney are loving the springtime sun in their new pasture, which Peter sectioned off with portable electric fenciing. (Don't be fooled by the pretty red and green wires. It hurts).

Thanks to Charlie and Francesca, we have two new additions to the herd: Reimu, which means "seaweed" in Maori, and Takanobaba, Peter's siblings favorite neighborhood in Japan (Charlie said we could abbreviate the latter to "Baba" because it's a bit easier. Also, how great is it to name a goat after a sheep's sound effect?!)

For the first few days before their names were chosen, we called them Baby and Milk Chin because Reimu is still being bottled fed (in the kitchen when Peter's parents aren't home... just kidding, Terry and Frank that was ONE TIME) and Baba because, well, see?

They are so sweet. Though Baba and Reimu aren't siblings, they're bonding over the fact that all the other goats butt them. When we let the herd out to pasture, the girls hide out in the ducks' old water bucket, which would be sad if it weren't so adorable. (Donna the duck doesn't think it's adorable. She just wants some fresh water, darn it.)

Does Reimu look like an alien? Yes. Have we learned that not all goat babies are beautiful ike Babeclown and George Clooney? Yes. Do her large ears, baggy eyes, and overbite affect how much we love her? If anything, we love her more.

We love our goats and their yogurt and it's amazing to have a growing CSA that likes our yogurt, too. (We're selling duck eggs now, too! Email for a sample). We love knowing where our food comes from. We especially love knowing their names: Hope, Mariooch, Kidaloo, Ducky, and Zoo feast on pine needles.

In other news around the farm, Peter and I (it's 92% Peter's project) have been planting all kinds of things in the basement under grow lights then transferring them outside. I've really enjoyed building 600 raised beds and filling them with dirt...

All sarcasm aside, it is so cool to see things grow!

As to be expected, we're staying quacky around here. (I've been talking to the plants because the goats seem to respond so well to my voice). The wild rumpus continues with goat yoga starting up in a couple of weeks. Our first session is full, but here's the link for the second session, which starts in July.

Overall, farm life is good and busy and rewarding and tiring. I've never had so many things to pour love into. We keep pouring and the love flows right back.

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