Two exciting developments

I got a call from the post office this week: "Ma'am, we have your chicks." I was like "lol what?"An hour later Peter and I were in the car to fetch the little cheepers that were making the USPS workers go postal (get it?).

We were a little underprepared for the ten darlings Peter ordered months ago, but fashioned them a brooder out of an old plastic bin and the grow light we already had set up in the basement for plants. Apparently if they don't have enough room, chicks will peck each other to death then turn to cannibalism. We chose our biggest bin.

They're cute and poop a lot and are a bit of a pain to feed. Their beaks are too small for the food we give the ducks, so I've been taking a rolling pin to a plastic bag full of the pellets and then feeding them the pulverized crumbs. It's not a quick or exciting. They better lay lots of eggs, that's all I'm saying.

The other big news is we're getting married!I proposed that Peter propose and we both said yes!

We are grateful every day that we get to build this farm life together. The world is a lonely place full of packaged food and bad lighting. We want to live our whole lives outside, growing delicious things, caring for our animals, and working in a way that feels like playing from sun-up to sun-down. Hip! hip! hooray! for true love that extends beyond a person to a whole place and the plants and creatures that comprise it.

(Peter is going to read this post and say, mortified, "You're such an over-sharer." I'm going to respond with "If you don't like how I share things you should write the blog posts." Then I'm going to change the passwords so he can't do a damn thing about it.

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