Three Pregnant Goats, Two... French... Ducks?

We have a pear tree, but no partridge in it. Perhaps a guinea fowl will have to do. Who knows what next year will bring?

Well, we do. And they're super cute and right around two pounds. That's right... baby goats. five to eight of them.


... is due February 2. This will be her third litter. She has moonspots all over so we're excited to see what patterns the babies (2 or 3) come out with.

Pixie & Button...

are sisters and both of them are first fresheners (first time kidding). They are due February 26 and March 4. Button has two or three kids inside, and Pixie has one male and maybe another kid.

We are terrified and excited and a lot of other things. Winnie, on the other hand, thinks there are quite enough goats on her farm.

She thinks her people need to spend less time with the goats and more time throwing the frisbee.