third month on the farm

And it's really cold! We have heated water buckets and fuzzy goats and ducks that don't mind the freezing rain but can't do much with frozen earth and still refuse to lay eggs, but overall things are super cool! (Get it?)

When not getting frostbite whilst milking, Peter and I have been indoors building fires and perfecting the yogurt recipe. After figuring out how to use the Instant Pot (hint: turn it on), we've been able to have delicious yogurt in about twelve hours. Though it was a good texture, Peter and I are used to something a bit thicker...

Recently we've decided to strain the yogurt with cheese cloth for an additional eight hours. This allows the whey to drain so the yogurt thickens. It's tangier and creamier and so good, if we do say so ourselves. Hopefully we are not delusional yogurt parents, but even if we are, it's amazing to be part of every single step of the process, from feeding the animals to milking the animals to straining the finished product to feeding ourselves.

Previous batches have been made with vanilla and sugar, but we both prefer the richness of the yogurt by itself. We're looking to sell our Couple of Quacks yogurt before the end of the year, but in the meantime, we're looking for brave souls willing to try it and give us feedback. Email if interested. Maybe seeing the finished product in one of our snazzy jars will bring a tear to your eye too...