Seventh Week on the farm

And we've been so busy!

1. The buck has arrived. He's stinky and makes weird noises and chases Pixie and Button around with his tongue out-- it's maniacal. He pees in his mouth/on his beard to attract the ladies with his goat pee stank and we have to dodge his stream left and right. We truly feel terrible keeping them in there with "the beast" as we've started calling Howie (they make desperate bleating cries most of the day). Hopefully he'll do his business quickly and we can send him back to the lovely farm he came from. Side note: the Howie experience has convinced Peter we do not need bucks, will NEVER have bucks, yay. I win.

2. Before the buck came we had to finish his shelter and pen. I did the T-posts. Peter and his parents did everything else: the roof, the shingles, the...sides? I don't know carpentry terminology but it's done and it looks great. More importantly it contains Pixie, Button and the beast.

3. We picked our first radish! It's the first thing we've grown and harvested in our raised bed. Later we ate it and it tasted like a radish. Success. We'll have some baby spinach soon and also the kale that we transplanted (read: saved from hospice).

4. Milking is getting so much easier. We've got a system down with Hope (it involves a bar and two ties) and she's more eager to hop up on the stand now that she's seen Voody and Rogue do it. We're getting about a quart and a half of milk a day, which I think is awe-inspiring and Peter thinks is sub par (the average of our two opinions is usually the truth). I'd also like to add that my milking skills > Peter's milking skills. Sure he has carpal tunnel and works on the shed all day but still. I AM MILKING QUEEN, especially since a great woman at the Cumberland County Fair improved my technique; it was mortifying, attempting to milk a random goat in front of like ten strangers but well worth the pay off. Just ask Winnie, who drinks all the milk we strip out of the teet before the real milking begins.

Our next project is getting our milk room and milk parlor prepped for certification/licensing. We also need to do tedious business stuff like become an LLC and get a shared bank account and a farm number and um...a business plan? In the meantime it's fun experimenting with recipes. My kefir attempt failed miserably (it tasted chalky and chemical) but Terry is well on her way to perfecting a yogurt recipe. Peter is still working at Penny Jordan's farm (last week he published close to six hundred thousand and twenty pumpkins) and I'm still writing a book. We work a lot of hours but it's work that blurs the line of play, which is just fine with me.

How can we not love hanging out with these darlings all the time?

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