Our second week on the farm, a list

1. Milking is still a nightmare. We've been tying Hope's back legs (as recommended by Blue Cactus Farm) and now she only kicks the milk container over about half the time. Peter's been hand-feeding her sunflower seeds while I milk. That makes things a bit more pleasant, but there are still angry goat noises. The cup we do manage to get out of her is creamy and delicious despite the struggle. The other night we made cajeta goat milk ice cream and it almost made up for feeling like a terrible goat parent.

2. I'm not very good at closing doors, which Peter yells at me a lot for and now I don't have any ground to stand on: Yesterday we came home and surprise! all the goats had escaped. I found them in the driveway just as I heard Peter's frantic calling to me from inside their empty pen. Oops. We spent the next half hour making sure none keeled over and I've been given very careful instructions on how to use the gates/doors. Later, I followed their poop trail and they seem to have stayed in the yard and avoided all things poisonous, but it would've been a shame to kill all the goats so soon into our farm endeavor.

3. Over the weekend we finished our raised bed with the help of Peter's family. Peter built the frame out of scrap wood - his new favorite thing to say is "How about we use a two-by-four?" - and we layered cardboard, seaweed, compost, and soil to plant spinach and radishes, though I don't know if they'll feel like showing up so late in the season. The seaweed was one of me and Peter's fun projects last week. It was sandy, smelly, and full of sand fleas, so this better be the most fertile bed a seed has ever fallen into.

4. This week we're focusing on building the coops and ordering the ducks. Soon the farm will be quacking in addition to bleating, assuming I learn how to use a latch properly.