ninth week on the farm

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

And suddenly it's cold. It might be in my head, but colder temperatures = less stinky compost. Peter moved the bins he built down to the space under the barn. We shoveled layers of goat manure and old compost and new compost into them (Peter did most of it but I did at least two wheelbarrow-fuls...out of...twenty?). Anyway, now we officially have a compost station! I think the bins need covers and more protection (otherwise we're going to attract strange animals) but this is Peter's project. I just like to criticize from afar.

On Thursday we met our vet for the first time; she confirmed that Rogue is pregnant with 2-3 kids! We're so excited. I NEED Valentine's Day babies but I'm not sure Rogue has the same priorities / any sort of pre-natural control over the situation.

(I should probably stop sitting on her now that we're sure she's pregnant).

OTHER BIG NEWS: The ducks are coming on Tuesday! In the meantime, Peter's been building them a home, which involves hardware cloth, old raspberry trellises, a recycled door we found at our favorite place, the dump, and...I don't know what else. I don't think Peter knows either, but he comes up with cool stuff when I leave him alone out there, popping up occasionally with the camera. (Winnie is hands down more helpful than I am).

Things we learned this week: the goats kind of like pumpkin and really like apples and couldn't care less about tomatoes. They're more likely to eat pumpkin if it's rotted enough to expose the seeds...

Except Zoo eats none of the above because she's got the best treat in the house.

And we've got it to...