Happy 2019!

And what a happy new year it is! Today the ducks surprised us with two eggs. Couple of Quacks is officially quacking!

In the morning, Peter feeds the ducks while I get stuff ready for the goats (not true. I drink my coffee and watch him from the window). When I came into the barn today he said, "I have a surprise, one of the ducks is dead." I started to gasp, but it's hard to hide two beautiful eggs in your hand, which is how I knew that even if a duck were dead, WE WOULD STILL HAVE OUR FIRST EGGS! (no ducks were harmed in the production of these eggs).

For breakfast we ate yogurt from our goats, eggs from our ducks, and basil from the living room (thanks to Peter's mom!). It was so satisfying - not only because duck eggs are like a chicken egg but better (bigger, richer, & from a cuter animal) but because neither of us have produced our own food to this extent before. One time I went blueberry picking, but that's about as close as I've gotten. We're really excited to focus on local eating this year, whether it's from our backyard or the farms of our fellow Mainers.

We have so many things to look forward to this year:

1. Rogue will be kidding in about a month!

2. Pixie and Button will kid not long after (so many baby goats running around!)

3. Filling out the paper work to file an LLC (plus the expense!)

4. Goat yoga with the community (in the works)

5. VEGETABLES (Peter's had his nose in the seed catalog for weeks, which is a relief. If it were up to me the order would be something like, "Uh, tomatoes? Those grow here, right?"

6. Continuing to grow our yogurt CSA (thank you, friends!)

7. Experimenting with cheese

8. & all the unexpected joys/terrors of running a farm.

2018 was a very special year. I will remember it as the year we started milking Hope (and wow, what a nightmare). We are so grateful to be doing this farming stuff: growing our herd and our flock, forming a community, spending so much time outdoors, learning, and growing (personally, as well as fruits and veggies). Thank you for reading our blog and supporting our whacky Couple of Quacks adventure! We've had so much family support, without which none of this would be possible; thank you, thank you, thank you. The amount of love we feel around the farm is overflowing water buckets, hay feeders, milking pails, etc. We can't wait to spread it!

- Pete and Flo

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